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Angkorsite is just hosted on 22 October 2012, but the web resources and experience on web-development established on February 2012. The goal of Angkorsite wants to share web resources, Ebooks, and useful softwares that related mostly on web-development. Angkorsite opens for free download, web learning and all kinds of information that Angkorsite is posted. If you are interest on web-development, Angkorsite will help you in share and answer in your questions as possible. So, you can ask free questions in Angkorsite, we will answer and share resources to you if it is possible. You can check all information in Angkorsite posted for improve your web-development. Angkorsite is always happy to serve you with web resources, Ebooks and useful softwares.

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Web Developer: BA, Mr.Ly Kimlay

Telephone: 068 800080, 098 373557



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Angkorsite is a kind of website that provides mostly on web development. Angkorsite shared on web resources, ebooks and useful softwares that you can download for free. You can also get knowledge on web learning, questions, discussion and upload your resources to share to your friends.